10 Most Common Questions


Here is a list of the top 10 most common questions I have been asked:

1) What are the best and worst foods?

Check out my previous post: 10 best and worst foods of the fair.

2) Why are you doing this?

Why not? You only live once. I love food and I love the fair and I can. So I am asking you “Why not do it?” If you need a better reason I can’t give you one. This is my life and I am going to do what makes me happy. If I can raise money for a good cause and do something I love, it seems silly to not do it.

3) How many foods are there?

93 was the final number. The state fair has 82 foods listed on their app (2014), but I have come to find that several of those foods don’t exist. I have also found foods that are not on the Food Finder App. The only way to ensure I haven’t missed a food has been to stop by every booth and ask: Do you have any foods on-a-stick? Before I called my challenge complete. I visited every booth in the fair to confirm I didn’t miss any. It is nearly impossible to keep track of this and it is very time consuming. I don’t think this is a top concern for the fair, and I don’t blame them.

4) Did you really eat the whole thing by yourself?

I don’t joke about food. When I say I ate the whole thing, I ate the whole thing.

Here are the details:

I didn’t eat the fatty portions of the meat (i.e. pork chop edges).

I didn’t eat the parts that fell on the ground (i.e. powdered sugar or nut toppings) but I didn’t intentionally put anything on the ground.

I always ordered a regular order (i.e. I didn’t ask for no toppings or certain portions).

5) Why are there so many spelling and grammatical errors?

Truth be told, no one has asked me this. I am a terrible speller and I am new to blogging. I send out tweets quickly and am bound to make errors. Details were never my strength and I am hoping you can look past them. I am trying to share my story in real time.

6) How much is this going to cost you?

It doesn’t really matter how much it cost me.  If it were about the money, I wouldn’t have done it. I have been saving and this is how I wanted to spend my money. To each, their own.  

7) How much weight have you gained?

I put on a little weight but stayed pretty even. If you read other parts of my blog, you know I am a health nut and am really not worried about losing the weight. I eat clean year round and will bounce back. I truly believe that health is wealth and know that if you aren’t good to your body, it won’t be good to you. I work very hard to stay in shape and am proud to only eat real, natural food. I rarely make exceptions.

8) What did your husband and family say?

They all told me I was nuts, but they said it with love. They knew that once I said I was going to do it, I would. They didn’t doubt me for a second.

9) Where do you live?

I live within miles of the fair and it takes about 10-15 minutes to bike there.

10) What has been the best part?

Honestly, it has been meeting the people. I have heard amazing stories and met people from all walks of life. The fair has so many personal stories and so many unique perspectives. People ask about my story and I feel honored I get to sit with new faces and friends and tell it. It is what makes me happy. Oh…and the food helps too.



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