Dig In While You Can…


To be honest, I have always been a foodie. There is just something about food that has my heart. I love cooking, I love the presentation, I love eating, I love being full; it is comforting. Some people don’t share the same love, but I could talk about food for days.

Like most people, I start the fair thinking I am only going to have a few things, then before long, I am 7 or 8 food items in and insist on trying it all. Gluttony and over indulgence seem to tie in perfectly with the fair.  I would convince myself that it is fine:

  • I will only be here a few times.
  • You only live once.
  • I will just go for some long runs and balance this all out.
  • Just one more bite.
  • There are only a few days a year when these foods are available.

Of course that’s not how it ever works, but looking back I don’t regret a single bite. Since my family is so large, and I am typically with a big group of people, we would have lots of mouths to share the food with. A little taste of everything. Some like the sweet things, some like the fried things, thankfully for me, I like them all!

I am willing to try just about everything. Just think: you might be missing out on your new favorite thing. What if it is amazing? You passed it up to have something that you have had a ten times already. The old stand by will be there if the new item isn’t any good, so why not give it a try?

A new fair season means opportunities to discover new favorites, new chances to reunite with old food loves, and new sights, smells, and tastes that have been absent from your life for the last 353 days.



2 thoughts on “Dig In While You Can…

  1. Lorelli Byrne

    Such a fun blog. I will be at the fair by 3 pm tomorrow (Friday). I’ll text you now because I’d like to meet up with you and also taste whatever it is you will eat tomorrow. Hope you had fun today.
    Your Aunt Lorelli

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