When I was a kid…


I have been attending the State Fair my entire life, I have actually never missed a year.  I come from a family of 7 and some how my parents always managed to round us up and cart us through the craziness. This was before the days of cell phones or leashes; one kid on dad’s shoulders, one kid walking, three in a red wagon, rotate as needed. Some might say my parents are brave (or nuts) carting 5 kids under 5 years old through a sea of people and chaos, but I don’t think they would have had it any other way. They wanted to show us all the glorious things the fair has to offer.

We have always been early risers and getting to the fair by 7 am just means beating the crowds and eating a foot-long hot dog for breakfast (they open early!).

Then we would be off to the barns and the Colosseum – nothing like smelling fresh manure as the sun is coming up. This is where we started a non-stop walk-a-thon through the Great Minnesota Get Together. When one or a few of us wanted to stop and check something out, we would just play catch-up with the group….and since we have a set route, we knew that if we stayed on our set path, we were bound to catch-up. By the end of the day we had all seen and gotten to eat everything we could have ever wanted.

Even though it seems like an impossible task, my parents never missed a corner of the fair. We saw everything! Somehow we managed to get down every street and be stuffed to the brim, before 1 or 2 pm.

On our way out, toting bags of goodies, passed out children, and bucket fulls of cookies, we would ask our parents for a pony or a giant yellow slide in the backyard. Some things they were more likely to get us than others. 🙂



One thought on “When I was a kid…

  1. Love the memories. We never missed a year. It was a very special time for our family. I am glad you are doing this challenge. You LOVE the fair. Since I can remember, this was your favorite time of year. I know you will succeed in your challenge. Good luck and enjoy!

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