Corn Dog VS. Pronto Pup


What is the real difference between the two and which one is better?

Let’s keep this short and sweet (PUN!)

Corn Dog’s are made with cornmeal or corn flour. They have a sweeter taste to them.

Pronto Pup’s are made with flour or with pancake batter.

My response: I LOVE THEM BOTH

Tip: Don’t get a corn dog from any old stand, make sure their specialty is corn dogs! The vendors that sell corn dogs in addition to other foods (like cotton candy and caramel apples) use frozen corn dogs, not fresh dipped ones. If you don’t see the wheel of spinning dogs or a bucket a batter, run! I made this mistake before and was highly disappointed in my shelf stable corn dog.

If you are still really unsure the best options are a Big Dog Corn Dog or a Pronto Pup Stand.

Photo Credit: Sara Rice

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