August 21 – Day 1 Food Recap


Round 1

Wow! What a day, I cannot believe how many great people I met today and many great “on-a-stick” items I got to check off my list.

It was pouring rain but I started my morning talking to K-Twin Radio. It was so fun to meet the crew and it was something I have never gotten to experience before.  After a quick interview I headed out to start my adventure.image

First item on the list was a Pronto Pup but they didn’t open until 9 am so I spent some time wondering around checking out the new gardens. Pronto Pups are amazing. It was gone in 4 bites.


Followed by alligator sausage from Bayou Bobs, falafel from Falafel King, and key lime pie from Key Lime Pie on-a-Stick.

Alligator Sausage  Falafel  Key Lime Pie


I was not a fan of the alligator. It was very fatty and just not my style. The falafel was fine, but nothing special. I loved the key lime pie! It was sour and sweet and a great gram cracker crust. So happy I tried this one. I will be getting more of these in years to come.

Next up was Spaghetti on a Stick from Oodles of Noodles.

Spaghetti On a StickI think this could have been good, but I got one that had been sitting out for a while. I think the potential was there, but it just wasn’t that great. The inside texture was fine (noodles mixed with meat!) and it was a little spicy, but the outside was mushy and I was a little disappointed. If I ever got it again, I would wait for a fresh one!

Baklava from Dino’s Gyros



First person to order the deep fried Baklava

Ordering this was pretty fun! The young man that served it to me told me I was the first person to ever order it. They were super delicate and had a very rich and light inside. I think I got an end piece because there was a hard edge in it, but I don’t think that is normal. I would absolutely order it again and I would recommend it to others. However, it is so rich you need to split it between two or three people. Dino’s nailed it. 

Topped off my morning with a WonderBar from Minimelts


Frizzy hair with my WonderBar

Basically just ice cream dipped in chocolate and nuts. You can’t really mess that up. It was great since the temperature was starting to get super muggy after the rain.

Round 2

When I returned after work I started my dinner off with salmon on-a-stick from the Fish and Chips booth inside the Food Building. I ended up going back later to get the Scallops on-a-stick since it was Thrifty Thursday and they were on special. I would say the salmon was MUCH better.


Salmon      Scallops


I knew I wanted to try the pizza on-a- stick by Tino’s but was a little disappointed in this one too. It was pretty doughy and not that hot. Maybe they were still working out some kinks on day one.  Since I was walking and eating I stumbled upon the fried pickle booth next to the new transit hub so I decided to order a pickle on-a-stick, I absolutely love pickles, but for some reason I like mini pickles, the seeds inside the giant ones make them just a little too mushy. I ate it of course and it was fine, but I am looking forward to the Pickle Dog on a later date.

image      Pickle on a stick


I needed a little break after this so I stopped next to the DNR booth and watch people for a while. The Toby Keith concert was in the line-up so there were lots of “country style” folks to check out.

After a little breather I moved onto the tater tot hot-dish on-a-stick from Ole and Lena’s. I was pretty nervous to try this one, because my mother makes her tater tot hot-dish with “real” frozen tater tots, but this one seemed more like a corn dog with a side of cream of mushroom soup. I didn’t taste any potato but it was something interesting to try. It was a lot sweeter than a regular corn dog. 


Where are the tots?

Popped into the cheese on-a-stick booth next and of course thought of my dear friends Kelly and Sarah. They are Wisconsin-ites and loves their cheese. These are fabulous and always a hit with me. The booth right below the Giant Yellow Slide always serves super hot and gooey cheese. Fantastic.

Cheese on a stick

In other random stops I had a homemade nut roll which was great! I would have never ordered it if it weren’t for this challenge, but it was great.

Nut Roll      Nut Roll

I also had the Big Fat Bacon on-a-stick. I am not a bacon fan, but I gotit down.

Big Fat Bacon

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

My last stop of the day was with Granny’s Kitchen for a Fudge Puppy. It was basically an airy cake-like treat dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles and whipped topping. I went with the traditional, but if I ordered it again, I would have tried another one of the options. I think it would have given it a little more excitement. Also, it’s worth noting, its not very “fudgey” it’s just dipped in chocolate so it’s not as rich as you might think.

Fudge Puppy      Fudge Puppy

There you have it! 16 foods checked off my list. Can you believe I did that all in one day?!

Tomorrow brings a new day and new foods.



5 thoughts on “August 21 – Day 1 Food Recap

  1. Karen

    You don’t know me Mandy, I am a friend of Sarah’s, and I am living the State Fair through you this year. Thanks for the great sensory experience you are providing! Go girl!

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