August 22 – Day 2, Food Recap


Day Two: Done!

Today was a long day filled with lots of miscellaneous stops. I had pretty fantastic timing and seemed to get everything “fresh” out of the fryer. Served super hot and served just how it was meant to be eaten.

Round 1

I knew I wanted to start my day off with the Deep Fried Breakfast from The Sandwich Stop next to the Milk Booth. It was pretty amazing: pancakes with ham, cheese, and bacon on the inside all dipped in batter and deep fried on a stick. These guys are great at the deep fried sandwiches and this one did not disappoint.

 Breakfast On-A-Stick    Fried Breakfast

I made my way up to the pork chop to get a little protein. The stand next to the dairy building is my personal favorite (Peterson’s). These guys were very friendly and the pork chop was a pretty easy one to finish.

Peterson's Pork Chop

I wanted to see if I could cross off all the foods on Judson this morning so I moved into the International Bazaar. There are a lot of great vendors in here and I love taking my time through these shops. I stopped at the Holy Land Deli for two items. The lamb on a stick was pretty good, tasted similar to beef but a bit chewier. I also tried the stuffed grape leaves and these were way better than and pre-made ones that I have tried before.

Holy Land Deli   Lamb  Stuffed Grape Leaves

My breakfast was topped off with a dessert of a Deep Fried S’More from Oodles of Noodles. The flavor was there and it could have been SO good, but unfortunately mine was undercooked and the marshmallows towards the bottom were still hard. It was also a bit doughy. I finished it, but I was glad that was my last item before I took a break.

Deep Fried S'More   Deep Fried S'More

Round 2

After work I was surprisingly very hungry so I quick stopped at Poncho Dog and thought it tasted just like it should: a classic corn dog. No surprises here, so I moved right onto the Wild Rice Corn Dog. This too tasted just like a plain corn dog (I am starting to sense a theme). I didn’t think it was anything over the top, and it was 50 cents more than the Poncho dog. If I had to do it again, I would just get the Poncho Dog.

 Poncho Dog   Wild Rice Corn Dog

I knew Spaghetti Eddie’s had good food but I saw the Super Stick and was intrigued. The crew at this place was fun and the Super Stick was a chart topper. This was a WAY better than any other pizza type object on a stick I have ever had at the fair. It was hot, perfectly portioned bites and had an amazing dipping sauce. I could have probably eaten two…

 Super Stick   Super Stick

Since I was still a little hungry I topped off my dinner with Walleye from inside the food building. It seemed like they had some diehard fans, but to me, it seemed like $5.00 was a lot for the portion I got. It tasted like fried fish, but for the cost I would have expected something grander.


I needed a little break so I grabbed a seat and chatted with whomever was the lucky occupant of the rest of the bench.

I ran into my God Mother who was attending the Aretha concert and we went up to Giggles to get a Salad on-a-stick. It was so nice to have something fresh and it was pretty easy to eat. I will say however, that it wasn’t really on-a-stick. It was lettuce in a cup with some sticks on top. I was still happy it was fresh.

 Salad On-A-Stick

She wanted to try something sweet and my will power was weakening fast. I tried to hold off until closer to the end of the challenge to eat one of my all time favorites, Deep Fried Snickers, but I couldn’t. These are so indulgent and so over the top but they are perfectly cooked and are a warm gooey, crunchy treat I can’t escape the fair without. These just make me happy.

Deep Fried Snickers   Deep Fried Snickers

We moved onto the West End Market and saw Jonny Pops. One of the owners was there and said they started this company in college and this was their first year out at the fair. 120 calories, 6 grams of fat. It was a nice cold treat. I tried the strawberry rhubarb (limited time state fair offer) and it was great. Better than a regular popsicle.

 Jonny Pops Owner      Jonny Pops Nurtition

Next up, fried fruit. This was absolutely not good. It seemed like some of the fruit might have been from can/jar and I just don’t know that it was a good mix of flavors. I wouldn’t recommend it and do not want to eat it again. My face explains the my real feelings.

 Deep Fried Fruit

My last stop was a very disappointing Chicken Nachos on-a-stick. I had to wait a while for it to come up and this is what was presented to me:

 Chicken Nachos   Chicken Nachos

Does that look like nachos on a stick? It was chicken on-a-stick with nachos under it. The chicken was very, very fatty and the nachos tasted like something that might be served at a kids soccer game. This was the most painful one I have had to eat so far. I was mad it wasn’t actually on-a-stick, and I was sad I had to eat the whole thing.

30 out of 94 with some more to be added as I discover them.

I am on a roll!! Sweet Dreams (PUN!)


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