August 22 – Day 2, Personal Recap


I have had such a fun adventure over the past 48 hours. I can’t believe it is just getting started. Along with all my food recaps, I thought it might be interesting, and entertaining, to share how I am doing both mentally and phyiscally.



I am having SO much fun! All the preparation has paid off and now I am just enjoying the ride. I am ahead of my eating schedule and that actually makes me very happy. I am a punctual person and I hate when I miss things or am behind. Anyone that knows me, knows that being ahead of schedule brings me piece of mind.

The first few stares and whispers surprised me but really I am wearing a T-Shirt that screams “Stare At ME”. After the first 3-4 people I just got used to it. It’s fun to hear the comments people don’t think you can hear. My feelings aren’t be hurt, but I am a bit surprised at what people say.

I am also getting a bit bored taking so many selfies. That just isn’t really my personality, but all my friends seem to have jobs and aren’t available mid-week to be my photographer, so I am stuck taking pictures of myself. I am looking forward to days where I know certain people will be with me because my friends and family are truly what keeps me going. I have said from the day I decided to do this, that if I am not having fun, it isn’t worth it.

The only other mental challenge is just staying organized. A handful of booths haven’t actually had the “on-a-stick” item so I had to take them off my list. And then of course, there are the booths that weren’t listed that get added. My doc is helping big time!


Well….let’s just say I am a bit bloated. Most of these foods are great, but what makes things taste great: salt, sugar, and fat; none of which I eat on a regular basis. In my real life (not in my “State Fair Life”) I consume around 100 oz of water a day. I bet over the past two days I have easily had closer to 150-175 oz. a day.  I just can’t seem to quench my thirst. It also doesn’t help that it has been pretty hot out.

I have been biking to and from the fair and it has been a pretty horrible ride home both days. On top of that, the 4.5 mile run I had this morning was pretty slow. There was a point where I wasn’t sure if it was raining or if I was just sweating that bad (so much salt!).

The sugar highs are insane. I haven’t had a mid-day crash in a long time and man have I been tired both Thursday and today due to my sugary breakfasts. I get so much energy and then I crash so, so hard! (Nap time?)

The only other thing that has really been impactful health-wise is the fact that my teeth feel pretty dirty. I have been brushing 3-4 times a day, just because they feel gross.

According to my JawBone yesterday I took 17,955 steps and today I took 29,503 steps (including my run thats almost 15 miles).


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