August 24 – Day 4, Food Recap


Day 4 started off quick and fast. My strategy today was to move quickly before the heat and the rain came through. I was also trying to beat the Sunday rush. 

I have been dreading/a little excited for the Scotch Eggs next to the barns. I love all the ingredients in these but I just wasn’t sure about the combo. The line was surprisingly long for 8 am and I took that as a good sign. It is a hard boiled egg with sausage wrapped around it then breaded and fried. They were VERY good. I thought it was a great breakfast and topped one half with maple syrup and the other with horseradish (per the vendors recommendation). I thought they were both very tasty and I would eat this again. The only thought was that the breading was a little dry – but for me that just meant more condiments. 

 image   image

image   image

I was still in the mood for breakfast type foods so I thought a Gluten Free Beer Battered Brat might fit the bill. This tasted surprisingly similar to a corn dog and I thought it was well done. If you are looking for a GF option I would suggest Sonny’s. They also have the ingredients posted right on the counter so you can see what you are getting. I love that!

image   image


I have never had catfish before but the Walleye On-A-Stick booth was a great first impression. I actually liked the catfish better than the walleye that I had yesterday. I don’t think they tasted too different but the catfish was $1.00 cheaper and seemed a little more moist. Both the brat and the catfish are inside the food building.

image   image


I felt like I was on a roll with the fish so I decided The Shrimp Shack was a good next stop. I tried the grill shrimp first followed by the bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp. The grilled shrimp come in cajun or garlic butter, so I opted for the cajun. I thought they were well done and they had just enough spice. I also thought if you were looking for a lighter, healthier option this would be a good choice. The bacon wrapped shrimp was very good but I feel like there should have been one more. They give you three but for $7.00 the portion was a bit small, especially compared to the grilled shrimp.

image   image


I knew I had to keep moving so I stopped off in the International Bazaar at Henri’s. Henri’s has a good beer selection and they have really nice service. The bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin was very flavorful. I thought the meat was juicy and the bacon gave it a good flare. It was a little heavy so having someone to share it with would have been nice. It was meat, on meat and that is extremely filling. 

image   image


As you can tell in my eyes above I was getting pretty full. I needed something fresh and sweet and knew just where to get it. Midtown Global Market inside the bazaar has whole mangos on-a-stick. These were fabulous. They were perfectly ripe, scored so they were easier to eat in sections and the best part is that it was just plain mango; nothing fried, added or buttered. It was so nice to have something fresh. This is THE spot to get your fresh fruit. It was awesome and I wish I could have had another one. (My love for this could have been from days of greasy food, but I really did think it was perfect.)


I was still craving sweet things so I stopped in and got a carmel apple and some cotton candy. These are fair food classics and you can’t go wrong. They reminded me of my childhood and I loved every bite. The apple was served on a pop top! And the gentleman that made my cotton candy said he was on the news yesterday and felt famous….so I HAD to take a pic with him. (Who would pass up a chance to take a picture with a famous person?!)

image   image





image   image



While I was down by the GrandStand I popped in and grabbed a Cow Pop and a dark chocolate covered marshmallow (chocolate covered s’more) from Ultimate Confections. They were both smooth and surprisingly cheap! The marshmallow was only .50 cents. I would recommend either one if you are in the mood for a small bite of something sweet and don’t want to be over whelmed with too much of a good thing. 

image   image    image




My sweet tooth was strong this morning so I decided a chocolate dipped cheesecake was in the cards. Granny’s Cheesecakes did not let me down. This was very good. It’s frozen cheesecake and then fresh dipped in white or milk chocolate. If you like cheesecake this is a tasty snack. It was like a cheesecake popsicle. You can find them just east of the yellow slide towards the butterfly tent. 

image   image

I finished my morning off with coffee on-a-stick from the Minnesota Farmers Union. They had a live band so I sat and enjoyed some music while I finished off my day. The flavor was perfect and the texture was very creamy – it wasn’t icy like a popsicle. I also liked this stop because there were lots of older folks hanging out and as you know, I love hearing their stories. It was a fun ending to a fun morning. 


Can you believe I did all that in 3.5 hours and all before 11:30 am? This puts me at 59 items in 4 days. 

The rest of the day brings the gym and some real life activities outside of the fair.

See you tomorrow!




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