August 24 – Day 4, Personal Recap


Today was a difficult one. 



I am still feeling pretty good. I am confident that I can do this and I don’t have any real concerns. I have enjoyed (almost) every minute.

It has been so fun to talk to my friends and family. They are so supportive and I feel so lucky I get to have them in my life. 

I also can’t believe how supportive complete strangers have been. Of course there are the nay-sayers, but I am amazed at how many people have just walked up to me and started talking. A lot of people have stopped me to mentioned my blog or Twitter accounts. I feel like I am truly starting to understand the power of social media. Within days I have met more people than I could have ever imaged. 140 characters has turned into a lot of fun!

The only thing I am still having doubts on is my list. It is hard to classify which foods count as one and which count as unique items. I feel like I have had so many corn dogs but do the bacon wrapped ones count as a separate food compared to a plain one? Is the SpongeBob Popsicle different then a Bomb Pop? I just can’t decide. In the end there aren’t any real rules but I want to be able to say I ate EVERYTHING on-a-stick, not almost everything. 



I am beat. Today my body did not want to eat anything else on-a-stick. It missed its normal diet and was very hesitant to let me eat anything else fried or battered. I am feeling terribly sluggish and just run down. My strategy today was to get in and get out, mainly because I want to give my body as much time as possible before tomorrows adventure. 

Don’t get me wrong, the food has been great and the challenge is still worth every bite but I think I might be having fair food shock. Tomorrow I start fresh. Today I will get in a long work out and some extra sleep. 

Fun Fact: I haven’t eaten anything that hasn’t been made at the fair since Wednesday night. Whoa.


2 thoughts on “August 24 – Day 4, Personal Recap

  1. Lorelli Byrne

    I have no doubt this is one more challenge you will have beat. You have many days left and I’m glad you determine in advance how much fried food you eat in a day. I just might have to go back this week – there is so much to do! Enjoy your fair experience.
    Love, Lorelli

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