August 25 – Day 5, Food Recap


It was a beautiful day for the fair! Perfect weather and lots of fun people were in attendance. Unfortunately, I had some of the worst food so far today. Read on to learn what to avoid!

Round 1

My morning started around 8:15 and I stopped into the Gass Station on the southeast corner of the food building for their Pancake Battered Sausage. I thought the sausage was a bit sweet but the outside breading was great. The women at the booth mentioned it was Jimmy Dean’s sausage, but it just tasted a little off compared to the dough. I also grabbed their Corn Dog Bites. I didn’t realize these were on-a-stick until they told me. These were great. I would highly suggest going with these if you are with a group and everyone wants a little bit of everything. This is one order (SIX!) and it has probably been one of the best “bang for your buck” foods I have found. It was $5.00. 

image   image

Just inside the food building I grabbed Sonny’s Deep Fried Cookie Dough. These came out a year or two ago and were talked about quite a bit, but I hadn’t ever tried them until this morning. I went back to the booth because I didn’t think they were cooked enough, but the gentleman assured me they were (and even if they weren’t he said there wasn’t any egg in the batter). Either way, I thought they were very, very undercooked. They were very mushy and runny and the combo of outside breading and cookie dough center reminded me of an undercooked cake. It was terrible and I would not advise getting these. 

image   image

And this is how I felt after the last bite.


I wasn’t sure I had much more in me so I wondered around for a bit and grabbed a lollipop. I knew I was going to have to smash this thing to pieces in order to get it done, so I did just that. I had it gone in less than 5 minutes. 

image   image

My breakfast dessert was Chai on-a-stick from the Farmers Union Booth. I thought the mocha was a better choice and had a more distinct flavor. 


Round 2

I came back to the fair for dinner and grabbed an Italian Meatball on-a-stick from Spaghetti Eddies (they have 5 different things on-a-stick, good thing they are nice!). This wasn’t as good as the Pepperoni Super Stick but it was a close second. These guys have got those pizza sticks down. If you are in the mood for a pizza type food this is going to be your best bet.


I headed up machinery hill to grab some Texas Steak Out foods. I started with the Texas Tater Dog and then grabbed a Texas Tater. They were both very good but a bit greasy. The Texas Tater was great because I am always eyeing up those huge baskets of spiral potatoes that tastes like chips but never buy one because I don’t want to eat the whole thing. The Texas Tater tastes very similar and is served in a single person serving (kind of). 

image   image

Next stop: Deep Fried Olives. I love olives and I thought these had a great crust to them. The olives are filled with cream cheese and then breaded and fried. They had a nice sauce that came with them as well. If you like olives, these are worth trying. 

image   image


I headed back to The Shrimp Shack for a Shrimp Dog. This is essentially a corn dog with a mayo/shrimp mixture in place of the hot dog. I thought it had pretty good flavor but the texture was off. I am a big texture person and there wasn’t really anything to chew; it was all very soft. I wouldn’t go back for the Shrimp Dog, but when I was there I saw those grilled shrimp again and wished I could have had seconds of those. 

image   image

Still feeling pretty good I headed to MN Wine Country for their Wine Crusted Deep Fried Brie on-a-stick. I thought this would be perfect. I love cheese and I like wine, so it should be a good combo. WRONG. VERY WRONG. It had a very distinct alcohol flavor to it and as I swallowed it I thought I was taking a shot of liquor. After the shot went down I had to follow it up with a molten cheese chaser.


I cannot stress how horrible this was to eat. I felt defeated as I sat and stared at the last two gigantic cheese puffs left in the tray. Just then my husband, who is on vacation in another country, called. I told him I was thinking about quitting and that I wasn’t going to be able to finish. For some crazy reason, he convinced me I had it in  me and we talked about strategy to get it done. With his words of encouragement I waited for everything to cool down, breathed though me mouth and accomplished the impossible (okay maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it was a stomach turner).

That basically did me in and the thought of food became very horrible but… as I walked towards the gate I saw Deep Fried Shortcake so I just had to grab it. It wasn’t anything special. They covered the crispy shortcake with a watery syrup mix which kind of ruined the whole thing. It tasted like a plain ol’ shortcake and I didn’t think it was anything you couldn’t put together yourself. 

image   image


I have finished 70 foods so far and am still ahead of schedule. I have a bigger day planned for tomorrow and think I will be nearing the end sooner than I anticipated.

I think I can see the finish line.


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