August 27 – Day 7, Food Recap


Today was the shortest day yet. Here is what I grabbed in less than 2 hours.

I saw pictures of the Texas Steak Dinner from Texas Taters (the ones that also have the cool spiral potatoes) and I thought it was going to be a bigger challenge. The pictures have four these…


And when I asked if it was one serving, she said yes. Thankfully, when it got handed to me it was actually only one.

This was nothing special. It was a essentially a beef kabob that they were selling as steak. The meat was tough and the bun was a Village Hearth bun fresh out of the package. I made some mini bbq sandwiches with it and moved on. It was definitely something that you can make at home.

As it turns out, Green Mill doesn’t have Pizza Kabobs, so that was one less thing on my list.

I still had Pork and Chicken On-A-Stick left on my list so I walked back to Mickey’s. I figured with such fantastic beef kabobs their pork and chicken would be in line, but it was far from that. Both of the meats were very fatty and the pork was very tough. They were, again, served with a soft taco shell so after the initial taste test, I slathered them with BBQ and finished them. If you go to Mickey’s for a kabob, stick with the beef.

image   image

Strawberries and chocolate, who wouldn’t love this combo. These strawberries were fresh and very tasty. They weren’t fresh dipped like the bananas that Granny’s Cheesecake is serving, but in this case it worked. You can find these right next to the Big Green Pepper down by the barns at Caribbean Smoothies.  The fruit kabobs came right out of the fridge and the chocolate was crunchy. Fresh and sweet, I would get it again. 

image   image

My last stop was for a Gyro On-A-Stick from Holy Land Deli. This was really just lamb served with a side of tzatziki sauce. It was far from a sandwich and unless you are really in the mood for a plain slab of lamb, I would order something else. 

image   image

I won’t be visiting the fair tomorrow because my body needs a little recovery. I will be posting the Top State Fair Tips that I have learned over the years.

There are 6 items left on my list.

SIX - ستة - seks - шест - шесть - șase - seis - έξι -sei - SIX




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