August 30 – Day 8, Food Recap


I only have a few items left on my list and I knew the hardest one would be the jawbreaker. I got to the iCandy Shoppe just outside the Granstand at 8 am and grabbed one: “The World’s Largest Jawbreaker On-A-Stick.”


I knew the only way I would be able to eat it would be to smash it in a million pieces. So I did….

image   image

I met with WCCO and they wanted to cover my story (awesome!) so I spoke with them for a bit and we headed out to three stops.

First up was Hansen’s Breakfast Sausage On-A-Stick. I thought it tasted just like you would expect and actually made a nice breakfast. There are a lot of breakfast options near the barns and my personal suggestion would be the Deep Fried Breakfast or the Scotch Eggs. If you wanted something a little simpler these corn dogs had a good classic flavor. 

image   image

We headed to Chan’s Chicken for a Teriyaki Chicken On-A-Stick. They cover the skewers in teriyaki and I thought the sauce was a bit sweeter than most teriyaki sauces. The chicken was perfectly cooked, but the sauce was a little strong. Overall, it was pretty good. The portion size was generous too. 

image   image


My last stop with WCCO was for Luigi’s Hot Dago. The Hot Dago was essentially breadstick and meatballs covered in a melted cheese accompanied by a dipping sauce. The sauce and meatballs were very good but the breadsticks seemed a little bland. I know they have other foods there and I think next time I will try something else. It was served very hot and I liked the sauce so I would imagine it would be just as tasty on their other options. 

image   image


My last stop of the morning was for a Double Bacon Corn Dog. I have heard about this a lot this year and I was expecting a little more. I didn’t get much of a bacon flavor (despite there being double bacon) and I also thought that it was dry. It comes with a maple syrup sauce which was a nice addition, but it just didn’t make my “must have” list for next year. 

image   image


I very slowly plugged away at the jawbreaker and I did finish it. With every new portion I ate, I was reminded why it is called a jawbreaker. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CHEW. 

Tomorrow I wrap up my The Great State Fair Food Challenge. I am meeting my family bright and early in the morning and want to celebrate my last food item (Big Dog Corn Dog) with them by my side. They love me and my strange goals and I can’t think of a better way to finish this thing. 


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