Food List


We weren’t able to dig up a complete list of Fair Foods, so we pieced together some old information and started adding new foods.  The Official Food Finder has 83 different vendors listed that serve food on-a-stick, however, several of those vendors have multiple items. 83 is a starting number, but we estimate 100+ foods.

We will visit every booth at the fair to make sure we didn’t miss any.There is still a chance we could miss one, so if we are nearing the end of our journey and you notice we haven’t stopped by yet, let us know!

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13 thoughts on “Food List

  1. Chris

    I live in Ft.Myers Florida but am from Minneapolis. I have never been to the Minnesota State Fair and I’m 63 years old!!!! I left Minneosta when I was 30!! I plan on attending in 2015. I am loving your journey!! You have a wonderful way of writing and your always cheerful attitude is fantastic!! I hit the gym every day like you, so I will try many of the foods you have written about with a clean conscience!!! Thank you for providing such good reading.

    • Hi Chris! Thank you so much for your kind words about my story! I would love to hear what foods your like when you make it back. Hopefully, you have the same experience I did! Thank you for following my journey. It has been unforgettable. Since you know you are going in 2015 you can plan in advance: 20 extra push-ups, everyday, for the next year. 🙂
      Save travels home & happy fair-going!

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